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    Somerset Bowel Cancer Charity


It is important to raise public awareness of possible signs and symptoms of bowel cancer and encourage people to seek help; the earlier it is diagnosed the easier it can be to treat. We value the role of education and health promotional activities which aim to improve quality of life.


Through fundraising and the kind donations from our local community we have been able to improve local treatment. For example, the purchase of Air Seal Technology to be used during bowel surgery at Musgrove Park Hospital. This clever piece of kit helps our surgeons by improving visibility and stability of the bowel to help improve patient outcomes.

Valley Cushion

Donations to our charity have also enabled us to provide special cushions to patients who have discomfort when sitting.

The Somerset Bowel Cancer Charity has provided funding for members of the specialist colorectal cancer team to attend national conferences and undergo training to provide specialist techniques locally at the hospital. This has helped to ensure our team is continually up-to-date with new practices.